Monday, March 18, 2013

Motivation Essay Related to Law and Finance

Passion produce professionals. Study for the sake of study would never be valuable. Nevertheless, study with passion bestows most valuable asset in form of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, it is essential that students, especially university students must have passion for their selected study program. Indeed, it is passion which gives you extra energy to achieve the knacks in expertly manners. At the same time, your passion for your profession will obviously makes you different from others. Thus, having passion is important to have professionalism.

My study technique:

I always studied with passion and interest. That is why I have always been comprehended the knowledge very well. Moreover, my belief in myself and my passion for my studies had has given me unique status. It is fact that I have always been expanded my knowledge boundaries beyond the books. For instance, I not only studied the course books but also put special concentration to the practical means and professional podiums like browsing internet for study related material and reading some periodicals.

My study traits:

I consider myself lucky because of my self study quality. Centennially, yes, my self learning ability has strengthened my passion, and my passion is for law, economics and finance profession. At the same time, my upbringing had has played big role in developing understating about my interested field/study. Moreover, it might be because of my self efforts of learning the course related materials that has granted me a sufficient understanding about law, economics and finance.

Therefore, I can undoubtedly say that my ability of self study is my study trait. It has not only granted me a good status in my family, friends, class, and college but also has buffed up my obsessive sense for the selected profession.

My study plan:

Indeed, I always worked hard for understating my course, especially in law, economics, and finance. That is why it is my passion to become the best professional in law, economics, and finance.

For this, I have decided to get admission in “Master program in comparative law, economics and finance.” I know that it is the only way to upgrade my knacks more professionally. Moreover, it will certainly bestow me the ultimate knacks of my passion for my profession. The degree program in which I am going to get admission is quite natural to me. It is in some cases seems so artificial to built natural ration with some practical course but it is fact, as people relate themselves with social and psychological studies. Therefore, I have further classified my natural relation with my studies as under.

My passion for law:

Law is about rules and regulation. I consider myself a man of the rules, for the rules and by the rules. So, I have inborn personality that have rules and likes to know, apply and follow the laws, rules and regulations.
Indeed, corporate, economics and finance are the fields that are governed under the laws, rules and regulations. Therefore, I can relate myself with the above said fields. At the same time, I always try to be update about current economic and finance laws by visiting the concerned web sites and reading the corporate law articles. It gives me edge to the others to understand study material and cover the course promptly.

Therefore, fortunately, I have passion and personality that literally make it easy to understand the laws, rules, regulations and granted me the spirit to follow the rules and laws. On the other hand, as I said earlier, that I am a habitual self learner. Therefore, my personality trait of self learning allows me to stay up-to-date. However, now, it is the time to utilize my personality traits and my habits in my passionate aim to get ultimate understating of law in the university course to make myself the best professional.

My passion for economics:

Economics deals with money matters. Literally, when I was upgraded to my college level, since then I had have been managing my independent budget for my academic cost. It has had been my duty to adjust the shortcomings and put the request for more for additional expenses to my parents. Hence, my independent upbringing played an important role to understand the micro economics by doing my personal economic management.

However, for my professional gain and filed related learning. I very eagerly read business articles as well as economic news. Moreover, I always like to research the modern development in the field of economics. It not only help me in my course related studies but also upgrade my knowledge/understanding and equip me for my forthcoming endeavors in my professional field.

My passion for finance:

Finance is one of the most respected and valuable professional fields. Financial officers, managers, advisor, consultants, and analysts have always been considered as high profile personnel in an organization.
I have always fascinated the role of finance officer/manager in an established organization. Indeed, I always been pretended myself like them, and I want to be like them. For my desired achievement, my self organized life has played vital role to make me eligible to follow the commercial, corporate, finance related principles, standards, and laws.

I have been subscribed several business and finance journals. My passionate efforts to achieve certain understanding about finance have made me to pursue my career in this field. Moreover, my aim to accomplish master degree in law, economics and finance will award me the required knowledge/understanding to become a successful finance officer, manager, analyst, or consultant.
Master program in comparative law, economics and finance:

With all of the above defined personality traits as well as my passion for the law, economics and finance. The traits and passion of course make me eligible to get admission and study the “Master program in comparative law, economics and finance.” Now, I not only am interested to get admission for the sake of study in the master program but I also have ambitious to do something different and something unusual in the field of comparative law, economics and finance.

My ambitions for my interest:

I am so confident and ambitious that I will play my role in further development of the comparative law, economics and finance field. Therefore, my belief and my interest is my strength to do something new. As I have already developed certainly well understanding of my study/field related text. At the same time, my personal relation with all of the study domains in “Master program in comparative law, economics and finance” would be quite helpful in evaluating the real-time scenarios.

However, it is fact that I will have to pay close attention to the course to develop my knacks more professional. Therefore, I decided that I will be more attentive and must develop research oriented behavior by doing the course. Moreover, I will pay special attention to the questions, problems, and cases to explore them with research and observation methods.

At the end of the treatise, it is better to state Virgil quote “They can conquer who believe they can.” I have conquered my interests by developing my personality accordingly. However, there is a lot to conquer to become the real conqueror in the field of law, economics and finance. And it will be only possible by studding “Master program in comparative law, economics and finance.” I deserve it!!